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Home pages and individual Sherlock Holmes fan pages

If your page isn't listed here and should be — or if you know of someone else's page that should be included — please, e-mail MSU WIDE with the URL, mentioning that it belongs on the Individual Sherlockians list!
  • Charles Prepolec, Sherlocknews
  • Dan Andriacco's Baker Street Beat
  • Martin Hickes, The Equinoctial Gales
  • Flora Spector, "Mrs. Hudson Speaks"
  • Monika Plum, "The Dancing Men" (auf deutsch)
  • Les Klinger
  • Ted Bergman
  • Mycroft's Brother (in French)
  • Jim Connelly
  • Don Hobbs, Inspector Lestrade's Blotter Page
  • Napoleon of Holmes, Meanderings of a Young Sherlockian
  • John P. Sohl
  • Miyuki Fujii, "The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes"
  • George Vanderburgh, The Batteredbox's Weblog
  • Ann Margaret Lewis, The Watson Chronicles
  • Amy Thomas, Girl Meets Sherlock
  • 221B, by Carlos Diaz Maroto (in Spanish)
  • The Umbrella Organisation (Rakshita Patel)
  • Michael Nieke (in German)
  • Baker Street Essays, by Bob Byrne
  • Bonnie MacBird, The Professional Enthusiast
  • Sherlockian papers by Leslie Katz
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