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Sidney Paget's original illustrations

  • A typical illustration by Sidney Paget
  • Pinacotheca Holmesiana from Camden House
  • 221B Baker Street by Russ Stutler
  • Paget drawings and artwork: a census and checklist
  • Sidney Paget: Iconic Illustrator, exhibition at Toronto Public Library
  • Sidney Paget's Sherlock Holmes
  • A note on early illustrations, written by Theodore Skinner for Sherlockian.Net
  • Paget information and appreciation from
  • Desktop wallpaper
  • The “Watson's crotch” interpretation

    Frederic Dorr Steele's original illustrations

  • A typical illustration by Frederic Dorr Steele
  • FDS Collection, University of Minnesota
  • Chicago Tribune, 1911
    Wed Apr 26 09:37:01 2000
    From: Ronald Kritter 
    Subject:      Sherlock in ASCII
    I thought the hounds would enjoy this:
    >            ."""-.
    >           /      \
    >           |  _..--'-.
    >           >.`__.-"";"`
    >          / /(     ^\
    >          '-`)     =|-.
    >           /`--.'--'   \ .-.
    >         .'`-._ `.\    | J /
    >   jgs  /      `--.|   \__/
    I had asked ASCII artist Joan Stark to do a keyboard
    portrait of Sherlock Holmes for our Three Pipe Problem
    scion's mail-list. She has given permission to
    reproduce her work providing her initials are always
    included in your reproduction of the image.

    Traditional media

  • Pictures and sounds from Michael Sherman
  • Camden House (pictures, sounds, other material)
  • Sherlock Holmes on the Printed Page, from HolmesOnScreen
  • Art from The Diogenes Club
  • Comics Should Be Good best Sherlockian comics
  • Nis Jessen: illustrated version of A Study in Scarlet
  • Comic books, from
  • Sherlock Holmes in Comics, panel at 221B Con 2015, tweeted by @her_nerdiness
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Slylock Fox (comic strip)
  • The Planetary Magazine, issue 13
  • Herblock editorial cartoon
  • Holmes portrayed in seeds (yes, seeds)
  • Canonical scenes reconstructed in Lego
    How to draw Sherlock Holmes
  • Search for Holmes pictures on the web with Fotos Search
  • Stock photographs from CanStock Photo


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