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Dear Sherlockians,

As the new caretaker of, it is with great excitement that I send you an update on our progress. As many of you know, Chris Redmond retired in 2016 after managing the site for 22 years, and transferred it to us here at Michigan State University’s WIDE Research Center. We have spent the past several months reviewing the site, meeting with advisors, attending Sherlockian meetings, and talking to the community.

Our mission is simple: We see our role as caretakers of this website; a cultural landmark and an information portal for Sherlockians across the globe.

We have established a board of advisors to help us maintain and sustain the site for the community. These advisors were chosen with great care over several months of conversations and connections. We are grateful for their support.

After the dust settles on our updated site, we will invite the community to participate as curators of the site’ content, including over 3000 links to Sherlockian materials across the web. Curators will help manage and maintain these sections with great care, remaining on the lookout for relevant and interesting material to share with the community through short abstracts and links.

We look forward to working with the Sherlockian community to make this site a welcoming space for newcomers, experts, and everyone in between. Feel free to connect with us by emailing the lab at lpotts @ msu dot edu

All the best,

Dr. Liza Potts and the team at WIDE